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We believe that all companies can effectively and efficiently manage their brand & reputation. Our goal is to help companies become unique and trusted – by understanding stakeholder perceptions, meeting expectations and building purposeful businesses that are well integrated in society. Your shareholders, employees, customers and partners will all be better off.

Regardless of how advanced brand & reputation management is at your company, or how prioritized it is among senior management, we can help you get the process underway – in a quick and affordable way!

Platform only

Who is this package for?

Companies that are starting out on the path of brand & reputation measurement, and are not interested in advisory services. These companies do not typically have the need for frequent monitoring, and find it sufficient to limit the dashboard use to one person in the team.

You get…

  • 24/7 access to online dashboard
  • 15 key Brand and Reputation metrics
  • Free demo webinar
  • Month-to-month score validity
  • Real-time monitoring of own company
  • Ability to view data-cuts online
  • One user license
  • Ability to track additional countries and companies
  • Data download options (Excel or visual formats)

€500 per month
Free Trial

  1. add additional company for €250 per month
  2. prices are per country monitored

Platform and People

Who is this package for?

Companies that are more experienced in brand & reputation monitoring. These companies typically have a need for wider benchmarking, frequent measurement for KPI reporting and activity effectiveness assessment, and advisory services for interpretation and planning.

You get…

Everything included in the “Platform only" package, plus:

  • Free face-to-face interface demo and usage training
  • Boosted sample allowing week-to-week score validity
  • Monitoring of one additional company (competitor or benchmark)
  • Multiple user licenses
  • Monthly PowerPoint data reports
  • Annual workshop for results interpretation and planning in every country monitored
  • Access to Caliber’s ad-hoc advisory support (hourly fees)

€1,500 per month
Free Trial

  1. add additional company for €500 per month
  2. prices are per country monitored

Customized Services

Who is this package for?

Companies that have unique needs when it comes to brand & reputation management.

You get…

Whether it’s customizing our platform to suit your monitoring needs, or addressing more specific tasks – we often tailor bespoke services for our clients: from stakeholder research and data analytics to brand & reputation strategy, with or without our platform involved.

Customized pricing
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